Nagham came to Canada in 2004 from Lebanon with her husband. Nagham was six months pregnant at the time of her arrival in Canada and was burdened with the initial challenge of finding accessible healthcare. Afterwards, she was isolated in her home with her new baby and three-year-old, as she didn’t know that there were services available for her in the community.  She signed up for HIPPY after hearing about the program from a friend, and says:

I started working with my child, and this is the best thing I like about HIPPY, working with my child. We like playing, not strictly education like ‘write for me this and this,’ everything that comes with the play, the story, songs, the role-playing where we can take turns, all this stuff I really love it and I can see it really helps my child.

Nagham started volunteering at a local community centre, and found out about local college programs that she could enroll in.  She wanted to use her experience as a newcomer to help others in a similar situation, so she applied and was accepted into both an Early Childhood Education and Social Services Worker program.  At the same time, Nagham also found work as a HIPPY Home Visitor, which she enjoyed very much.  She says her favourite thing about being a Home Visitor was watching the bond develop between a mother and child, “By the end of the year, I find they know what to do and they are so happy with their children. The mother and child relationship is very strong.”

Nagham has completed her college program, and is now working in a full-time position.  She says,

I’m looking forward to my kids, seeing them grow up, their success and good life and their education and for them to have a better future.


August 7, 2018


2015 Honoured Mother

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